Charity Donations 

We have been donating our apple juice - in a 50% mix - to Bristol Children's Hospital for the past 3 years. We are super proud of our collab with these guys as they are doing amazing, life saving work - so we feel a little bit of apple juice is the least we can do. 
The reason we got involved was down to a study that was done in Canada, where the research was based on rehydration of children using the classic Diorlyte versus watered down apple juice. The results were so good that Bristol Children's Hospital reached out to us to see if we would be prepared to get involved as a trial - 3 years later we are still donating! We have now donated over 2000ltrs of juice and have no plans to stop. They have noticed a significant reduction in admittance rates of children that go to the ER as they are triaged quickly, they have reduced their spend on Diorlyte and they say the paitent experience is top notch!  
Dr Haythornthwaite said: “The children we’ve treated have been able to rehydrate faster, and as a result we’re able to send them home sooner, where their parents can continue to give them small sips of diluted apple juice, rehydrating them effectively at home. It’s really helping us to support children and reduce the number of overnight stays, but also educate their parents." How could we not carry on after hearing all of that positivity! Plus, we know the staff will get some and they need to make sure they are hydrated as possible to carry on doing such amazing jobs. A win win for everybody. 
You can check out the post written by The Grand Appeal, the offical charity of the Children's Hospital, here
If you would like to know any further information, or if you work for a hospital, retirement complex or school and think thsi woudl work in that environment, please just get it touch! We would always be happy to look at what we can do to help :) 
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